In the Mail: New Products from Silk Naturals

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - Posted by Unknown at 12:21 PM

For my first post I'm sharing my Silk Naturals order from the holiday collection. I didn't order anything from the fall Au Naturel collection as I have been trying not to buy too much - makeup hoarding is sort of a problem of mine. But then the holiday stuff came out and, well, here we are :) I've been ordering Silk Naturals for years and find them hard to resist! Pictured ahere is everything I ordered. I haven't tried the Foundation Blending Brush yet as I am going to clean it first. The balms are Tea Time organic Lip Balm and Pear Organic Lip Balm, which was the GWP in this order. Also HD Cream Foundation in C20, C30, C40, and C50, Slick Stick in Say No More, Satellite Eye Color, Reality Highlight Powder, a sample of Close-Up Illuminating Powder, and Tchotchke Vegan Blush. 

Awhile back I had tried samples of the neutral HD foundation and didn't find a match, so I ordered some of the HD foundation cool samples in C20, C30, C40, and C50. So far I think C50 is the best match for me, but C40 is pretty good too. For the inside of my arm, C20 would probably be best!

C20, C30, C40, C50 - It was not easy to get these to show up on camera! 

Say No More Slick Stick, Satellite Eye Color, Close Up Illuminating Powder, Reality Highlight Powder, Tchotchke Blush

Say No More Slick Stick is a very pigmented burgundy gloss. Satellite Eye Color is a very sheer peach highlight or all over lid color. Close-Up Illuminating Powder is a finishing powder and can go all over for a subtle effect. The Reality Highlight Powder has a lot more shimmer. I put it under my eyes/above my cheekbones and I'm pretty shimmery! Tchotchke Blush is a shimmery nude pink. I have very red/pink skin so if I'm going to wear a pink blush, this is the kind I pick - subtle and wearable. 

I'm wearing the C50 HD Cream Foundation, Satellite Eye Color over The All Natural Face Magic Vegan Eyeshadow Primer, RMS Beauty Defining Mascara, Close Up Illuminating Powder, Tchotchke  Vegan Blush, Reality Highlight Powder, and Say No More Slick Stick.