Silk Naturals Fall 2015 + Last Chance Lippies

Saturday, September 19, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 10:54 PM
Fall 2015

In the process of acquiring some new lip colors for fall I decided to clean through my makeup and toss some older Silk Naturals colors that were probably not great to use anymore. I hate throwing out makeup but I love knowing my makeup is safe and clean, so... Here's the new stuff! I got a few things from the Fall 2015 collection, a few last chance items, and a replacement for an item that didn't work.

Smoothie, Sinful, Ruby, Cherry Black

Smoothie Tinted Nourish Lip Conditioner - This is a subtle, shimmer-free, light pink lip gloss. It feels amazing and moisturizing and I absolutely adore it! I will definitely be getting more of the Lip Conditioner formula in the future!

Sinful Amplifying Lip Glaze - This was the GWP from my Fall order. It is a moderately opaque medium pink. It is very glossy without being sparkly. Quite pretty!

Ruby Velvet Matte Lipstick - This is brighter and more of a true red next to Merlot. I love the Velvet Matte Lipstick formula!

Cherry Black Lipstick - This is the glossier vegan lipstick formula. It is that super dark vampy color that works great for fall! This is definitely a great lipstick to rock in October!

Sleep in a Jar Light Peach Under Eye Concealer, Laced Eye Color, Score Eye Color, Cult Eye Color

I only chose three colors from the Bare Necessities Smoky line, on account of I have "one or two" extraneous eye shadows so I figured I didn't need the whole palette! I ones I chose are gorgeous!

Laced Eye Color - This is a very light chalky pink highlight color. The shadow itself is matte but there is faint shimmer throughout. The formula is considered a cream satin.

Score Eye Color - I absolutely love this color! It is a beautiful light pink shimmery champagne color. It is super sparkly and beautiful and could easily be a one and done shade which is generally my favorite kind of color.

Cult Eye Color - Cult is one of those taupey greigey colors that I love and always gravitate to. It is much more complicated than "grey". It is a dark, moody, dirty metallic. Gorgeousness!

Sleep in a Jar Light Peach Under Eye Concealer - This is part of the permanent collection but I decided it was time to try it as I always hear great things. I chose the color light peach to brighten my eyes. I do believe it helps brighten up the eye area and I am looking forward to using this!

Last Chance

Coy, Jackpot, Glacier, Hubbub, Hot Blooded, Merlot

Coy Slick Stick - This is the kind of gloss I buy just because it's on sale. This is a sheer, shimmerless, milky white gloss. There is just enough opacity to lighten lip color without making me look creepy. This was definitely a gamble but I'm glad I got it. The idea behind this is you use it to lighten up other lip colors, but I will probably wear it alone because I'm weird and like the idea of white lip gloss.

Jackpot Slick Stick - This is a shimmery sheer gloss with gold sparkle. I don't have a whole bunch to say about this other than that I love Slick Sticks and am glad I got this one.

Glacier Amplifying Lip Glaze - I've never tried the Amplifying Lip Glaze formula because I usually hate anything billed as a lip plumper. I tend to not like mint flavors. I don't love the flavor of this but it isn't overwhelmingly peppermint and there's nothing in it that's going to sting like many plumpers! It does tingle in a minty way but much less than other minty glosses I've had. I really, really wanted this weird turquoise glitter gloss because I love turquoise, so why wouldn't I? Like Coy it is unusual but not over the top.

The Village Slick Stick - This is actually a repurchase for me. This one is a sheer purple gloss with iridescent pink and purple sparkle. Definitely a fav.

Hubbub Slick Stick - Can you tell I like Slick Sticks? This is a glisteny sans sparkle Slick Stick in a light coral shade. Very pretty and very basic.

Hot Blooded Kisser Slicker - Oh yeah, I forgot about Kisser Slickers. Hot Blooded was on my wishlist for ages so now that it's making it's exit I finally got it. This is a medium opacity gloss, much more opaque than all the others discussed here. I'm going to go ahead and call this color "marsala".

Merlot Velvet Matte Lipstick - This is not part of the last chance sale. I bought this awhile ago and after not getting very far into my tube because it is super pigmented the tube stopped twisting up. Karen quickly sent me this replacement with an awesome GWP shadow!

Pretend, Hidden

Pretend Eye Color GWP - This eye color GWP came with my clearance lippies. It is a satiny soft gold which I absolutely love. Pinker but would go nicely with Jackpot.

Hidden Eye Color GWP - This eye color GWP came with my replacement Merlot Velvet Matte Lipstick. This is a completely matte dusty mauve eye color that would probably work out pretty well as a blush! Really unique and awesome, I am excited about this one!

What are you loving from the Silk Naturals 2015 Collection? Leave me a comment!