In the Mail: First Products from Iherb!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 10:03 PM
This is actually my first two Iherb orders all together. It is mostly essentials, but somehow I managed to sneak in some makeup. Oops.

Life-Flo Liquid Iodine Plus 2 oz. - Why Iodine? At the recommendation of my chiropractor back in Missouri I add a drop of this to my sinus rinse.

Alvera Aloe & Almonds Roll-On Deodorant 3 oz. - Never tried this brand before but I am always looking for new deodorants to try!

Cococare 100% Coconut Oil 4 oz. - Unlike some previous coconut oil's I've had this one doesn't have a scent. I wanted a small one to keep in the bathroom since coconut oil can pretty much be used for anything. I recall the brand Cococare from all the cocoa butter sticks I stocked up on at Walgreens in high school... to use as giant lip balm!

Bob's Red Mill Arrowroot Starch/Flour 16 oz. - I got this mostly to use as makeup setting powder, and may also use it to make my own deodorant. Also has many kitchen uses seeing as how it's actually a food. The bag burst in transit so I sent a picture to Iherb and they refunded me, but I'm going to use the half of the product that remained in the bag.

Tom's Maximum Strength Sensitive Soothing Mint toothpaste 4 oz. - I'm currently using Squiggle and I like it but it's expensive. They don't carry it on Iherb so I decided to try this toothpaste from Tom's.

Sierra Bees Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm .15 oz. - I needed to get to $20 for my first order and this was 49 cents! I got one for me and one for David. I will definitely be getting more of these in the future. The future in which I pretend I need lip balm.

Ecotools Detailed Lip Brush - I've been using the E.L.F. Studio Retractable Lip Brush for awhile but it isn't my favorite. I've been wanting to try this Ecotools brush for awhile. The majority of brushes I own are Ecotools and E.L.F. brand.

Sundown Naturals Vitamin E Oil 70,000 IU 2.5 oz. - Trying this to see how it compares to the Derma E for my hair and scalp.


For the makeup!

    Girl's Best Friend Blush, Sweet Coral Blush, All Smiles Blush

    Gimme a Kissimmee Bronzer, Poipu-lar Shores Bronzer, Lanai in the Sand Bronzer

    Girl's Best Friend, Sweet Coral, All Smiles, Lanai in the Sand, Poipu-lar Shores, Gimme a Kissimmee

As you can see, Girl's Best Friend and Sweet Coral are both pretty pale shades. I have really red cheeks so I tend to like pale shades because they're hard to overdo, but the Everyday Minerals blushes I have tried in the past have sometimes been too pale to show up as a blush. If these don't work as blush they will make good highlight colors. All Smiles is the same color I received in the December Petit Vour Box... good thing I like it! Lanai in the Sand looks like the perfect bronzer color for me! I always want my bronzer to be paler than it is! Poipu-lar Shores is pretty yellow but I think may still work on me. Gimme a Kissimmee is that traditional way too dark bronzer color that I can never pull off. I do really like these colors but the packaging of this product is a bit problematic. I only have small sizes of Everyday Minerals products. Each one is .06 oz. These containers all seem to have the same problem where the product has difficulty coming out of the sifter. I used toothpicks to loosen it up a bit and hopefully that will do the trick.

Pretty sure Iherb is my new drugstore. It's also worth mentioning their shipping is super fast. I placed this second order January 18 and it arrived today, January 21. You can check out Iherb here (affiliate link) or use reward code LND485 - either way gets $5 off your first order.