Holiday Travel Makeup Bag

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 7:00 PM

This is the makeup I took with me during my travels. I took it in a small rahua bag that I got some shampoo in last year. Because I got a cold while I was traveling I didn't wear makeup every day, but I was glad to have it when I needed it. This was definitely enough to get me through the last two weeks! For Christmas we traveled from Columbia, South Carolina to Columbia, Missouri & Marshall, Missouri, then drove back here, rested a day, and spent new years in Wilmington, North Carolina. Now I'm ready to unpack my bags and take a few days off :)

Pacifica Charmed Shadow Palette - I have labeled the color names since they weren't written on the palette. Click here to see more pictures of this product. This was a great thing to travel with because it is very small but provides a wide array of colors. It was so nice to have a pressed palette for travel! 

Lucy Minerals Lucy Light Light Medium Foundation - This is the full size.

Jing Ai Kabuki Brush - I took this to use with the Lucy Minerals foundation. It's so soft! 

Au Naturale All Over Shadow Brush and Angle Liner Brush

Christopher Drummond Beauty Duo-Phase Concealer Light - sometimes this is just my foundation. True story. 

Herban Luxe Chubby Vegan Eye Crayon Black

Urban Decay Grindhouse sharpener

Gabriel Color Mascara

rms beauty Cream Eye Shadow Lunar

The All Natural Face Vegan Blush Peachy Rose