In the Mail: Essentials from Real Purity and Amazon

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 7:00 PM

During Real Purity's 30% off sale I purchased a few essentials. I also bought a few things as gifts the following week during a different sale, so I have a few extra samples to share. The products I bought were:

Real Purity Roll-on Deodorant - This deodorant is pretty much the best deodorant I've ever tried. I have to switch around because eventually my body gets used to it, but this is my favorite deodorant of everything in my rotation. I can't even tell you what bottle I'm on!

Velvet glove Theraputic Hand Creme - This is currently my favorite hand cream. For Christmas I got one for me, one for my husband, one for my mom, and one for my sister Joelle. (Mom and Joelle got Real Purity, I sent Megan The All Natural Face products to Korea.) I used up one of these in the past year and am happy to have a new one!

All Natural & Organic Toothpaste Wild Mint - I have tried samples of this before and finally decided to try it. It's pretty expensive for a toothpaste but it is a large tube and it is supposed to be good for sensitive teeth. Dental care has been hard for me to go natural on because my teeth are so sensitive and I usually use Sensodyne.

And here's the fun stuff... makeup samples!

Shrimp Lipstick, Wine Lipstick, Pink Cream Blush, Shrimp Powder Blush, Mulberry Eye Shadow, Olive Eye Shadow

I've been hearing a lot about Elderberry syrup, so I decided to try some from Amazon for immune support. I also needed some more derma e Vitamin E Skin Oil and decided to try the derma e Vitamin E Creme as well. I was so happy when it arrived and I realized that $9 had gotten me a 4 oz. jar! This smells amazing. I'm going to try it first as a face cream. 

While I was visiting my family in Columbia, MO I immediately got a cold. While I did rely on cold medicine for a few days I wanted to try a natural remedy. I went to Lucky's Market planning on getting Elderberry syrup since I left my bottle here, but ended up trying these Nature's Way Elderberry Vitamin C Zinc Lozenges. These taste like Zinc to me, which is not a great taste, but I really did feel like they helped my cold symptoms and I got over my cold faster than I normally do. I am trying to not use antibiotics and have officially gone a year without them despite often getting sinus infections, so finding products that help find colds and sinus infections naturally are essential for me! I love Lucky's and hope someday they come to South Carolina!