In The Mail: Holiday Goodies from Au Naturale!

Saturday, January 3, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 11:00 AM
Today I am sharing the products I purchased from Au Naturale for the holidays. First off I am sharing the Bold Eye Palette which was created for the holiday season 2014.

Au Naturale Bold Eye Collection shadows Peacock, Satellite, Chiffon

Au Naturale Bold Eye Collection shadows Marina, Dijon, Auburn

The Bold Eye Collection also included the All Over Shadow Brush and Angle Liner Brush pictured above. Au Naturale all sent me samples of Beige Creme Concealer and Palma Creme Eyeshadow. 

Creme Eyeshadow Palma, Creme Concealer Beige

Top swatches are without primer, bottom swatches are over Palma Creme Eyeshadow. Auburn, Satellite, Chiffon, Peacock, Dijon, Marina. 

As you can see a primer is essential with these eyeshadows to make the colors pop. The Palma Creme Eyeshadow did this very well. All shadows are shimmery except for Marina, which is matte without primer. I think this shadow collection is gorgeous and am very glad I got it. As long as you have a good primer I would highly recommend these shadows. I tend to gravitate towards turquoise shades so it is no surprise that Peacock is my absolute favorite of these! I have also been using the All Over Shadow Brush pretty much every day that I have worn shadow since picking this up. 

I also purchased the Organic Lip Palette, which I have been eyeing for quite some time! This was a fall release but I was patient and waited for Black Friday to purchase this. Unfortunately the glue in this palette didn't stick very well so only one of the five pans was glued down into the palette that i received. I contacted Au Naturale and they replaced the palette and I am returning the original palette to them. The palette includes five colors: Innocence, Marionberry, Ruby, Spanish Rose, and Wild Lotus. I have previously used up a tube of Spanish Rose and loved it so that was already a reason I was excited to receive this palette! 

Innocence, Marionberry, Ruby, Spanish Rose, Wild Lotus. 

Spanish Rose is still my favorite color of the bunch. I am also a big fan of Ruby and I think Wild Lotus is much more wearable than I originally thought. I also appreciate that both a lip brush and a mirror are included with this palette, as this makes the palette fully functional without any added accessories. The only problem I have noticed with both the first palette and the replacement is that the palette doesn't stay closed very well, but I am so excited about these colors that I am determined to be careful in transit to make it work. Overall I am very happy I purchased these products and have been pleased with Au Naturale's customer service. Au Naturale is a company I have been purchasing from for a couple years and they consistently produce some of my favorite products! 

    Creme Eyeshadow in Palma

Bold Shadows in Peacock, Chiffon