Mailbox: Lucy Minerals FTW

Saturday, December 13, 2014 - Posted by Unknown at 4:02 PM
This is my second order from Lucy Minerals, but today I decided to go ahead and share my first order as well, which was foundation samples plus a free eyeshadow and an eyeshadow sample. My second order was 3 full size foundations and 2 eyeshadows for $35 (their Black Friday special) plus a liner sample and a sample of the Vitamin C serum, which I will have to review later as I have not tried that yet.

I've been playing with my Lucy Minerals foundation samples for awhile now. I ordered them back in September and have been having a hard time deciding which shade was right for me because honestly, all the ones I tried seem to work fine. Lucy offers neutral shades and warm olives shades. I was worried about this because I tend to need cool, pink-based shades, but I think the neutral shades work fine for me. They do offer the shade Fair which is a cool shade but I didn't try it because I knew it would be too light. The shades I initially ordered samples of are pictured below:

Lucy Light foundations in Light, Cream, Bisque, Light Medium, Shell Beige, and Medium.

I stuck with the Lucy Light foundation because I tend to have very sensitive skin. I did order one sample of Light Medium original formula but I haven't tried it out yet. The Lucy Light formula works very well for me. I am incredibly impressed by how well it covers the redness in my face and how long it lasts on my face, as makeup tends to melt off for me. This is definitely the best loose mineral foundation I have ever tried! For my black friday order I got 3 shades of foundation in the Lucy Light formula: Bisque, Light Medium, and Shell Beige. I think the Light Medium works the best so I decided to go one up and down from there in the neutral category. The shade Cream is the only one pictured here that is a yellow-based shade. 

On the left is the liner shade Espresso, and then from the bottom up is Peacock, Sea Glass, Autumn Splendor, Whisper Pink. Nail color is Zoya Holly. 

Here are the eyeshadow shades. I chose Peacock as a free gift for spending $20 on my sample order, and got a baggie of Sea Glass free. In this second order I chose Autumn Splendor and Whisper Pink, and received a baggie of Espresso liner free. I absolutely love these shades. Autumn slender is a gorgeous cranberry shade with blue glitter. I'm also a huge fan of peacock as I love anything in the turquoise family. I don't generally use mineral liners as I find that very difficult but the Espresso shade is beautiful. 

I have only used Lucy Minerals for a brief time but I highly recommend them! First off, they are very affordable. A mineral foundation is $15 and a sample is $2.50. the samples come in eye shadow sized containers. My full sizes jars of foundation and eye shadow are packed full and they have have a lot of great promos as well as cheap shipping. The products adhere very well to the skin, have great coverage, stay on all day, and are gorgeous. The foundations are matte but the shadows are very sparkly. I did get quite a bit of fallout from Autumn Splendor but it's an amazing color so I don't care too much! You can purchase Lucy Minerals products here. 

In this photo I am wearing Lucy Light Foundation Light Medium,  The All Natural Face Magic Vegan Eye Shadow Primer, Autumn Splendor Eye Shadow, Whisper Pink Eye Shadow, RMS Beauty Defining Mascara, The All Natural Face Vegan Glow Pale Rose, and Silk Naturals Card Shark Organic Lipstick.