The Giant "I'm Going to Start a Blog" Empties Post

Sunday, December 7, 2014 - Posted by Unknown at 3:43 PM
I've been saving these up awhile knowing I was planning on blogging. It just took awhile. Now they're taking over the bathroom, so it's time to get rid of them! This is empties from September, October, AND November. Stars: * = Meh ***** = Holy Grail

  • Real Purity Velvet Glove Theraputic Hand Creme 2 oz. ***** Repurchase? Yes, and I already have. And then bought 3 more as gifts. I work at a school and am an obsessive hand washer, so this stuff is magical and necessary. 
  • Real Purity Facial Food Creme 2 oz. *** Repurchase? Maybe. I like the ingredients and I didn't have any problems or reactions to it, but my finicky sensitive skin wanted more moisture. 
  • The All Natural Face Vegan Aloe and Crystal Deodorant Stone Roll-On Lavender Lemongrass Rosemary 2 oz. ***** Repurchase? Yes, and I already did. This is the deodorant I took to Italy this summer, and it lasted me the whole 50 days and I still have some left. It worked really, really well, and I have also repurchased, but my body has started to adjust to it so I've had to go back to other deodorants. Even when I find a good one I still have to rotate, so this is still HG for me. 
  • Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Cleansing Wipes 25 Wipes ** Repurchase? No. I really need to stop buying Yes To products. Most of them have shea butter in them and the ones that don't still seem to always irritate my super sensitive eyes. These took awhile to irritate but eventually did. They do have an amazing coconut scent and remove eye makeup nicely. 
  • Trader Joe's Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover 20 Towelettes **** Repurchase? Yes. These work much better for me. They remove makeup effectively and cause minimal irritation. I Have a bunch of makeup wipes at the moment but I'm sure I will get these again in the future. 
  • Giovanni Refreshing Facial Cleansing Towelettes ***** sample & Giovanni D:Tox System Purifying & Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes*** sample Repurchase? Yes, I would definitely get the Refreshing Facial Cleansing Towelettes and they were some of the least irritating makeup wipes I've ever tried. I got these samples on my first ever trip to Whole Foods!
  • Zoya Remove + Polish Remover Color Lock Step 1 1 oz. & Zoya Remove + Polish Remover Color Lock Step 1 2 oz. ***** Repurchase? Yes. I should buy stock in this stuff. I don't need to buy any for awhile, believe me. 
  • Zoya Armor Topcoat/UV block mini .25 oz. *****Repurchase? Yes. As if I haven't already. This stuff will keep your polish on 7 days easy when your nails are in good shape. Today is day 8 for me and most of it's still on, and my nails are NOT in good shape. I tend to only get results that good using it with Zoya polish, but most of my polish is Zoya, so. 
  • Real Purity Disguise System Medium Full Size Repurchase? *** Maybe. The size of this isn't listed on the website anymore but it is very small. I originally purchased this in Light and it was way too light for me. I still have that one and use it under my eyes only. Medium is a great match for me but I really just want this to be a foundation. It's light and creamy and very natural looking, but I used it up really fast because of the size. 
  • Au Naturale Lipstick Spanish Rose FS **** Repurchase? Yes. I told myself I had to use this up before I could order Au Naturale's Organic Lip Palette which I ordered during all the black Friday business. This color is dark enough to be bold without being vampiric. I like vampire colors too though. 
  • Real Purity Mascara Black FS ***** Repurchase? Yes, I've been through a few of these. This is the mascara I took to Italy and it lasted me another month after that. I use mascara until it irritates my eyes. I rarely make it to the 3 month mark, but this one lasted almost that long. 
  • Herban Luxe Aubergine Waterproof Vegan Mascara .3 oz. * Repurchase? No. I absolutely love Herban Luxe black mascara's but this color didn't show up on me. As you can see on my hand this one is pretty dry (although it has been open for awhile). I should probably just stop buying mascaras that aren't black because I never end up liking them. 
  • Real Purity Papaya Masque Sample x 2 Repurchase? Probably not. I think I actually used both of these to cover my face as the samples were really small. This was not harsh, but just the tiniest bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. 
  • Real Purity Toothpaste Cinnamon sample Repurchase? Maybe. I actually just ordered the mint one because mint I always pick mint. As a nine year old dentist's would offer me bubblegum flavor and I would ask for mint. 
  • Real Purity Eye Shadow Vanilla sample **** Repurchase? Yes, I already own it in a duo. Excellent highlight color, and Real Purity's shadows are the absolute best - no irritation, pressed so they're not messy, and pretty colors. Vanilla is a highlight color it is not super pigmented. 
  • Silk Naturals N30 HD Foundation **** Repurchase? This foundation, yes. This color, no. The cool shades work much better on me. 
This is Au Naturale Lipstick Spanish Rose, Real Purity Mascara Black, Herban Luxe Waterproof Vegan Mascara Aubergine, Real Purity Disguise System Medium