Mailbox: Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - Posted by Unknown at 7:00 PM
Remember Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse? Ok, maybe that stuff still exists. It's been a long time since I could walk into Walgreens and buy makeup. Anyway, I really miss mousse foundation. Over the summer I tried some samples of the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Cream Foundation. I love the smell of the foundation and the feel of it, and it didn't cause any skin sensitivities, but it is possible that it may have created (or exacerbated) summer oiliness/acne. I've been wanting to try it again this winter so I ordered it this past week as it was 30% off. I did have to pay shipping but it wasn't too bad, and it was the best deal I have seen on this foundation, which normally sells for $27.

The shade is Neutral No. 30. I haven't tried the cool shades but I think this one matches me really well.
Pictured here is the Creme Foundation in Neutral No. 30 with samples of Peluche Lip Colour and Finishing Powder. 

Creme Foundation Neutral No. 30, Peluche Lip Colour, Finishing Powder. 

Overall this foundation provides sheer to medium coverage. I've used it the last two days with the finishing powder. It blends out relatively sheer. I am glad though because on my hand it seems like the wrong color but on my face blended out it looks pretty natural. While I do think this color works fine I will probably try a cool color in the future if I decide to buy this foundation again. This product rates a 1 on EWG. If you are interested in purchasing the foundation you can do so here. I did try samples first! 

The Peluche Lip Color is pretty but makes my lips peel, presumably because I am sensitive to shea. Both the foundation and the lip color smell amazing. I hadn't the foundation to David and told him to smell it and he thought it was gross, but I still think it smells delicious, like raspberries. The Finishing Powder was really nice for setting the foundation. 

I took some pictures in the car and they all turned out blurry. Oops. I also had a sample of this in a lighter color so I used that under my eyes. 

Wearing Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation Neutral No. 30, Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation Neutral No. 10, Lauren Brooke Finishing Powder, Lauren Brooke Peluche Lip Color, The All Natural Face Cherry Blossom Vegan Glow, RMS Beauty Lunar Cream Eye Shadow, and RMS Beauty Defining Mascara. 

Current nails: Zoya Holly 

And because I feel like sharing: our Christmas tree :)