Happy Thanksgiving! SkinFood Super Butter Creamy Mask Sheet Review

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - Posted by Unknown at 4:44 PM
I have two sisters - Megan, who lives in South Korea, and Joelle, who lives with our parents in my hometown in Missouri. Megan visited them recently and while I was sad I did not get to see her, I was glad I got to go this past weekend to visit the rest of my family in Missouri.

I visited Megan in Korea and quickly became enamored by Korean beauty brands, many of which emphasize their use of natural products. Unfortunately, being unable to read Korean, it's pretty difficult to know what I'm actually using. My favorite Korean brand is SkinFood. Walking into a SkinFood feels a lot like walking into a Lush. Megan used to live in Seoul but recently relocated to Busan. If she continues to live there I will eventually visit again.

In any event, for Thanksgiving I journeyed to Missouri for family and food! Also I really missed this guy:

Megan left some goodies for me from Korea (!!!) with Joelle so we decided to break into some face masks while I was there. Unfortunately she had no desire to be pictured on the Internet wearing a face mask. I, on the other hand, have no shame. 

Now, I can't read the ingredients list, but I can tell there is Shea butter in there. I don't use Shea frequently as it can sometimes make me itchy, but luckily I did not react to this mask at all. 

We'll just go ahead and keep that picture small on account of how ridiculous it looks. 

If you've never done a Korean face mask before, they can be a bit of a surprise as there is an actual mask sheet soaked in the treatment that is made to fit your face. Some fit my face better than others and clearly this one kept ending up in my mouth! This one was very, very wet. I kept it on my face for about twenty minutes. I planned to rinse it off but it dried down and was actually pretty comfortable and softening after that. I have other masks that I will review later. Thanks Megan!