In the Mail: New Palettes from Pacifica!

Friday, January 2, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 12:39 AM
It's been a couple of weeks of no posts due to lots of holiday travels, so I still have things to show from Black Friday sales! I ordered these products from

First off, the Charmed Shadow Palette:

    Unicorn, Big Sky, Charming, Purple Haze, Moody, Alchemy, Avalon

    Unicorn, Big Sky, Charming, Purple Haze, Moody, Alchemy, Avalon swatches alone on top and over Au Naturale Palma Creme Eyeshadow on the bottom.

As you can see this is a gorgeous palette with an array of subtle colors. This is great for travel - I just took it with me to Missouri and North Carolina - as it is quite small and portable. At .2 oz is actually has less product than the 4 pan Pacifica palettes, but I appreciate having more colors. The colors are relatively sheer and quite shimmery. I have not experienced any irritation with this product, which is fabulous for my sensitive eyes.

Next up is the Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette!

Gold Dust, Island Rose, Pink Opal
Flushed, Bronzed
Neptune, Glow, Treasure
Coral, Mermaid Aqua, Sandalwood

Neptune, Glow, Treasure, Coral, Mermaid Aqua, Sandalwood swatches alone on top, over Au Naturale Palma Creme Eyeshadow on the bottom.

Flushed, Bronzed, Gold Dust, Island Rose, Pink Opal

This palette is pretty large. I really appreciate finding a full face palette which is so rare in natural makeup. The highlight colors are beautiful and smell amazing and coconutty. Flushed is not a shade that I would normally choose for blush because I tend to be too pink already. Bronzed looks dark in the pan but as you can see it is a much more natural color on. The eyeshadow colors are all quite pigmented and the only disappointment is that I did end up with two repeat colors, Glow and Treasure from the Gossamer Wings Palette. I'm still quite glad I got this and it is definitely worth the retail price of $32!

I also received a sample of the Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream. As you can see this product is pretty yellow on my skin. It does sheer out quite a bit and doesn't have very high coverage.

And here's the Indian Coconut Nectar 3 oz. candle along with a sample of the Indian Coconut Nectar solid perfume. I adore this scent, although I prefer the scent of the candle to the scent of the perfume.

Overall I am very happy with Pacifica products! I am so glad to find natural face products in pressed palette form and it is is added bonus that they are readily available and reasonably priced. I don't own very many candles but I can definitely see me purchasing more of those in the future... along with makeup :)