In the Mail: Goodies from Zoya Including Exclusive Limited Edition Colors!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 9:56 PM
Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Basecoat, Zoya Armor Topcoat & UV Block, Zoya Prim

So this first image shows an older order from a flash promo. Zoya has tons of great deals but it's rare to get a deal on the Color Lock System products, so I went ahead and ordered my favorite base and top coats, Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Basecoat & Armor Topcoat & UV Block. I also picked up Prim, which is a gorgeous shimmery periwinkle color. I've already worn it a few times, and I'm pretty happy with this picture:

Zoya Prim

So I was thinking I should probably consider not buying more nail polish, and then Zoya had a promo I couldn't refuse that involved receiving 3 exclusive colors that have never been and will never be released. I tried to resist, but the pull of nail polish was too strong. Here's what I ordered:

Zoya Giovanna, Oswin Ultra PixieDust, Imogen Magical PixieDust

Giovanna is my all time favorite Zoya shade! So... this is a backup. Just in case. I am a sucker for all things blue-green, green-blue, teal, turquoise, aquamarine... you get the picture.

Oswin Ultra PixieDust is a deep red textured polish with fine red glitter and larger red glitter pieces. So basically, it's awesome.

Imogen Magical PixieDust is a black textured polish with fine silver glitter and large silver holo glitter pieces. Also packing some serious awesome.

And... the exclusive colors!

Zoya Mini's in Charlotte, Severin, Anais

Charlotte is a creamy putty color and Severin (or possibly Severina, the label is a bit small due to the size of the bottle) is a frost-finish color that reminds me of precious metal... not quite silver and not quite gold but something in between with very fine shimmer. Anais is a rich black with fine shimmer that looks almost dark brown in certain lighting. Of the three, Severin(a?) is definitely my favorite.

These aren't the best pictures as this arrived at my door today and I wanted to share them as soon as possible... so they haven't had a lot of drying time and my fingers aren't exactly cleaned up.

Right hand: Anais, Severin, Imogen, Giovanna, Oswin

Left hand: Severin, Oswin, Charlotte, Imogen, Giovanna

Because the first thing I do when I get new nail polish is PUT ON EVERY COLOR. Obviously.