January Empties: Saying No to Blueberries!

Sunday, February 8, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 6:29 PM

Nature's Natural Anti-Aging Cream 1 oz. - I'm pretty sure I discovered this brand last year when I was subscribing to Eco Emi. The first product I got was a candle, and I ordered some more candles and decided to try this too. This is actually a reorder because I LOVE this moisturizer. I couldn't tell you if it has anti-aged me, but it definitely is an amazing cream full of grape seed extract, argan oil, rose hip oil, vitamin e, vitamin c, avocado extract... basically it's amazing. I do like to try different things, though, and I have a bunch of stuff right now, so not currently repurchasing but definitely will in the future. They also make a version of this with bee venom in it, but I'm going to go ahead and pass on that.

Sweet Creek Herbs Cocoa Butter Whipped Butter 1.5 oz. - This is very straightforward, just cocoa butter (obviously), sunflower oil, jojoba, bees wax, and vitamin e. Because it is mostly cocoa butter it was a bit too hard to use as a body lotion so I used it as a hand lotion, which is really nice in the winter. I don't need to reorder this because I still have another 3 oz. container. It looks like Sweet Creek Herbs is now Sweet Creek Soap.

Christopher Drummond Duo-Phase Concealer Light 7 gm - As you may know, this is my favorite concealer of all time.  Sadly this concealer got to a point where I could no longer get product out of the pump, but since Christopher Drummond has changed their packaging this luckily won't be an issue in the future. And I don't need to repurchase right now since I already have my new one.

Trader Joe's Anticavity Peppermint Toothpaste 6 oz. - Does this really count as bath and body? I guess not, but since I've been going natural with my toothpaste and it was one of my last holdouts I feel like sharing it! The best thing about this toothpaste is it's price, as I believe it was around $3-$4. I can't say I love the taste of it - Peppermint Baking Soda, yum! David would also prefer I not get this one again as it is a bit more baking soda flavored than peppermint.

Zoya Armor Topcoat & UV Block .25 oz. - This is the mini size from the miniature version of the Color Lock System, which does not seem to be for sale currently. As a Zoya addict I have several backups and will continue to repurchase. Using Zoya polish I have had manicures last over a week before! Any longer and I would get bored.

Julep Nail Vernis Yumi .27 oz. - This is a really weird polish. It looks absolutely fabulous, but don't buy it. For a brief time I subscribed to Julep Maven, which seems like a pretty good deal. As a Julep Maven member I would receive 3 polishes or maybe two polishes and a hand cream or mascara for $15. The colors are very pretty and trendy. I can't tell you how natural the polishes are but after trying some of their makeup products I became a bit more skeptical about their level of "natural". The reason I would not suggest buying this is basically because of price. Julep polishes are $14 for .27 oz. of product, which to me is not a good value. I usually buy Zoya which is .5 oz. of polish for $9 and they are pretty much always having a sale. I got this in a Maven box so I didn't pay full price for it, but because of the thick glittery texture of the product and the fact that I used three coats to make it look this good the polish literally only lasted me for two manicures! I took pics because I'll miss it, but I will not repurchase.

Julep Yumi

Julep Yumi, Butter London Pillar Box Red

Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Wipes 40 ct. - I have a terrible track record of buying various kinds of Yes To facial wipes and then wishing I hadn't. I am constantly finding great deals on these with coupons at Target, but something in them ends of making my eyes burn really badly. These weren't as burn-y as the Yes to Cucumbers ones, but I will not be buying any of them again. Hopefully these work better for you because there are usually awesome deals on them! Sadly, I will be saying no to blueberries. And carrots. And cucumbers. Unless I'm making a salad, because I really love salads.

Mineral Fountain Rose Garden Rose Water Mist 1 oz. - I used this as toner. It was nice but does not differ much from just using my normal Rose Water spray. As far as I can tell this Etsy shop does not exist anymore.


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Finishing Powder sample - This was a very nice finishing powder but I didn't feel like using it was particularly different from using plain arrowroot powder, which I like doing and is much cheaper, so I will not be purchasing.

The All Natural Face Glows: Apricot Kisses, Wedding Day - I did go ahead and order Wedding Day because it's multipurpose as an all over finishing powder or as a sparkle-free highlight. I liked Apricot Kisses but it's more of a blush to me and I have plenty of peachy blush colors. The All Natural Face recommends Apricot Kisses as a good highlight for dark skin tones.

This month/year I used up: 7 full size products, 3 samples

1 Facial Moisturizer
1 Body Moisturizer
1 Facial Wipes
1 Concealer
1 Nail Polish
1 Nail Care
1 Oral Care
3 Makeup samples