Review: Gabriel Color Mascara Black

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 5:54 PM
Today I'm showing off the Gabriel Color Mascara in Black, which retails for $15.20 from Gabriel. I purchased it from Lucky Vitamin where it is currently $13.68. I try to stick to mascara's in the $10-$15 range because I don't tend to use them long. I've been using this one about 2.5 months and I have a new one I want to try, so it is time to review it and retire it!

Gabriel Color Mascara Black

Gabriel Color Mascara Black

As you can see this mascara has a wet formula which I appreciate. It's important to note that the mascara has remained wet in the time I have been using it. The brush to me is pretty standard. I like the brush. I get ready early in the morning so I don't tend to do multiple coats, but when I want to I can build this mascara up nicely. I haven't experienced irritation from this formula but I have experienced a bit of fallout after continuous wear. 

I have 3 coats on the left side and 1 coat on the right for comparison. As you can see in these photos there is a bit of mascara that has transferred under my eyes. I have had it on since 6:45 this morning! 

I am pleased with the formula and packaging of this mascara. I didn't experience irritation and I consider this product safe. I will probably buy from Lucky Vitamin or Iherb as the price is a bit reduced. No need to repurchase right now though as I already have three more mascaras waiting... 

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