Catching up with the All Natural Face

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 6:40 PM
I have a lot of All Natural Face products sitting here that need to be discussed! This is definitely a catchup post. With the goal in mind of talking about each and every product that comes into my apartment what I am finding is that I definitely notice more when the products start to stack up! First off, The All Natural Face February Beauty Box:

Age Defying Daily Moisturizer 1/2 oz. - I already had a larger bottle of this. This is definitely a lighter moisturizer that will be good for summer. I am actually planning of saving this bottle for my summer trip to China. I will be traveling the month of July and I think this will be the perfect moisturizer to take with me! $6.49 value.

Eye shadows in Green Ice Storm and Forest Nymph 5 gms - St. Patrick's Day has come and gone but I will find these useful all year. Green Ice Storm is a silvery color that pulls green. Forest Nymph is a true leafy green. It's not too dark. There is a bit of blue to it but it definitely isn't teal. They are both beautiful on. $7 value.

Frosted Peach Lip Gloss .43 oz. - None of the glosses from The All Natural Face are very moisturizing but they aren't really drying either. This one is the closest to being drying presumably because of the addition of mica and oxides. That being said there are very few ingredients to this gloss, which is quite nice! The gloss looks quite pretty on. $4.60 value.

Aloe and Cucumber Face Food 1 oz. - This will be my second Face Food. This one sounds like it will be excellent for my sensitive skin! Not entirely sure why it smells like raisins, but maybe that's just me. $7.50 value.

Tempest Diva Stix - I had avoided this one in the past because of bad reviews of this particular shade, but I was pleasantly surprised by this color. Looks like I got a good one! Tempest is a pretty navy color. Well, it says dark purple, but it looks borderline navy to me. It does have shimmer in it but you can't really see it in application. $4.88 value.

Total Value of February Box = $30.47!

Tempest Diva Stix, Frosted Peach Vegan Lip Gloss, Green Ice Storm Eye Shadow, Forest Nymph Eye Shadow

And now for March! 

Hyaluronic Acid 2% 1/2 oz. - This says it's 1/2 oz. but the bottle is only half full and I am skeptical. I am excited to try this though. I believe this takes the place of a moisturizer but so far I have only tested in on my hand. It has a slippery gel consistency. I'm guessing but I'm going to call this a $2.74 value. 

Everyday Is a Good Day Vegan Blush 10g - I already had the cream version of this blush and love it! The powder version is basically the same color but perhaps a bit more subdued. I appreciate the peachiness as the cream is a tad orange. $6.50 value. 

Organic Green Tea Hydrosol Toner 1 oz. - This toner is supposed to be good for all skin types. There is a very faint green tea scent to this. I was planning on saving this for my China trip, but this contains Silver Citrate, which appears to be a form of silver. Since I am allergic to silver jewelry I am not sure how my skin will tolerate this, so I will probably try it out before then! $3.25 value.

Kukui Nut Oil 1 oz. - This is an oil I had not heard of before. I never use oils to style my hair but I often use them as a deep scalp treatment, which is probably what I will try this for as my scalp is very sensitive. $5 value. 

Eye Shadows in Pink Ice Storm and Iridescent Pink 5 gms. - Pink ice storm is the lightest of light pinks. Iridescent Pink, to me, is straight up purple. This would go really well with Modern Minerals En Pointe. $7 value. 

Fragrance Oil Samples, Hawaiian Coconut and Vanilla Bean Noel. I will definitely wear the Hawaiian Coconut. The scent is subtle and summery and is unlikely to irritate my sensitive nose. Vanilla Bean Noel, on the other hand, is an imitation of a Bath and Body Works scent, and I am not a fan of that place, to say the least! This one is definitely too strong for me! They do offer a regular Vanilla Bean which I would probably prefer! I'm going to call this a $2 value. 

Total Value of March Box = $26.49

Everyday is a Good Day Blush, Pink Ice Storm Eye Shadow, Iridescent Pink Eye Shadow

Everyday is a Good Day Powder Blush, Everyday is a Good Day Cream Blush

I have already received my April box and will be discussing it shortly!