The All Natural Face April Beauty Box

Monday, May 25, 2015 - Posted by Unknown at 11:51 AM
In case this seems later than it is, it is worth mentioning that the April box ships in May, the May box will ship in June, etc. I have had this for a few weeks and have already played with these products a bit!

Monoi Oil 1/2 oz. - Apparently monoi oil is coconut oil with French Tahitian gardenias infused in it. It smells like magic, truly. I really hate synthetic scents so this is the kind of thing I might adopt as a "perfume" of sorts. This is a pure oil so I definitely wouldn't travel with it in this kind of container. $3 value.

The Illuminator, 10 gms - This is absolutely lovely. It is really close to my favorite face powder from the All Natural Face, Desert Sand Mineral Glow. And honestly, they're both my favorite now. This one is a slightly deeper, warmer pink and has a bit of sparkle to it. The sparkle is great though, not over the top at all. This is a subtle glow and a fantastic highlighter or blush. This is a new release and does not appear to be on the website yet but I am considering it a $10 value due to the price of the other comparable products.

    The Illuminator, Fawn Eye Shadow, Antique Copper Eye Shadow

Love Spellish Fragrance Oil sample - Blech. I don't like the scents at Victoria's Secret any more than I like the scents at Bath and Body Works, so knock off's of them are pretty unnecessary for me. Probably won't be using this. This is not yet available for sale. $.82 value.

Pumpkins and Cream Face Food 1/2 oz.  - This one is dried pumpkin and dried coconut milk. It does smell like pumpkins, although not intensely. This is supposed to be good for exfoliation. Also not yet available for sale. $3.25 value.

Tomatoes and Cream Face Food 1/2 oz. - Dried tomatoes and dried coconut milk. To me this one doesn't produce the best scent but it does smell like dried tomatoes! The dried tomatoes are supposed to be good for ache control and oily skin, so this one might be a bit too strong for me. Also not yet available for sale. $3.25 value.

Vegan Eye Shadows in Fawn and Antique Copper, 5 gms - Fawn is a beautiful subtle neutral matte highlight or all over lid color. Antique Copper is a deep, shimmery metallic mix of gold and brown. I appreciate that this one doesn't come out as dark as it looks in the container. Both are quite pretty and go nicely together! $3.50 value x 2.

Total value of box = $27.32. The box is $15 and there is only one product that I won't use, and it doesn't really affect the value of the box to me.

Here's some photos for the sake of comparison. Desert Sand is similar and Edible Cocoa Love Dust and Shimmer Powder Fairy Dust are shown so you can see the variation in pigment and sparkle. The Illuminator has less sparkle and a lot more pigment than the other shimmer powders.

    Desert Sand Vegan Glow, The Illuminator, Edible Cocoa Love Dust, Shimmer Powder Fairy Dust

And here's that same hand without flash:

In the following photo I am wearing |Fawn and Antique Copper Eye Shadows with Magic Vegan Eye Shadow Primer and Lily Lolo Mascara. On my face I am wearing Ivory Rose Vegan Cream Foundation and The Illuminator. I am also wearing Frosted Peach Vegan Lip Gloss.

Over the weekend we went to Folly Beach in Charleston, SC with friends. We had lots of fun (and a few sunscreen fails). Here's my favorite picture, which was ironically taken in the parking lot: 

    And of course, an obligatory beach photo!